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Caring for your Concrete

Concrete, whether stamped or otherwise requires some basic care to maximize its lifespan 

Stamped Concrete Care

Two major ways of avoiding water issues with stamped concrete are to maintain your sealer and keep it clean of snow and ice. This is easy as the sealer will help prevent ice from sticking to the concrete. Concrete is a poor conductor so it loses heat slowly. This will help to keep it clear in the winter. Sealer should be re-applied when you notice areas losing their sheen and appearing lighter than other areas. Flaking is also a good indicator that it is time to re-seal. If it is time, click here 


Broom Finish Concrete Care

The single largest factor in reducing concrete lifespan is water and moisture. This is especially detrimental to Broom Finish concrete as it is more porous than stamped concrete, which has sealer applied. Once your project is complete, make sure to finish any surrounding grading to make sure water isnt being directed onto or under your concrete. In the winter, the best way to avoid excess moisture and freeze/thaw damage is to keep the area clean and avoid ice damming. 

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